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Rachel & Jacob

"I will never forget these flowers, we are forever grateful for how happy it made our day. I still have the bridal bouquet hanging dry in our home, still so beautiful."

Chanie & Mendy

"Wow..this is exactly what I dreamed of. Your arrangements beautified the hall so much, even my Mother was obsessed with them!"

Shalom & Hannah

"Both my fiancé and I are so happy that we got you to put our engagement party together. Its so easy to make the party so simple and passive, but what you and your daughter did made this night one to be remembered forever."

Yossi & Leah

"My husband and I were so privileged to have experience your kindness and devotion on our wedding day. We felt creatively supported every step of the way and it loved seeing the outcome, making our wedding a truly unforgettable day."

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